Linzi Walker ‘Coach Linzi’ is a British citizen, born and raised in England, UK. From the age of 11 years, she trained in musical theater at the Arts Educational School in London. She performed professionally for a few years and then decided to leave the theater to teach. At age 20, she travelled to Syria where she met her husband and then went on to have four children with him. During this time she taught musical theater to children at the American School of Damascus, as well as dance to adults in the local community. She also resided in Dubai and Canada for many years. Feeling the need to reconnect with herself, she decided to go back to school to study psychology. In the year 2000, she received a BA (hons) in Psychology with the Open University in England. After her divorce in 2004, she went on to train in Transpersonal Psychology with Dr. Stanislav Grof and his team, certifying in 2011 as a Holotropic Breathwork practioner. She also cerified as a professional coach with the International Coaching Academy the same year. Additionally, she completed a training called ‘The Dance of Life’ with German dance therapist, Petra Klein, as well as training in Spontaneous Painting with human relations coach, Cyntha Gonzalez. Presently she is training to be a motivational speaker with Dov Baron’s Authentic Speaker Academy for Leadership with the intention of supporting and empowering women going through midlife divorce, or still struggling from divorce.

Additional professional experience: Creating and directing a musical for special needs children and young adults in an Indian school in Dubai; facilitating spontaneous dance with cancer patients and helping support the local female social workers in an arabian hospital in the United Arab Emirates; leading a support program for street children from the slums of Bangalore, India; founding and directing her own Self Development Center called ‘Life Beat’ in Vienna, Austria from 2007 – 2010.


To find out about Coach Linzi’s Signature Coaching Program and have a free 20 minute Discovery Session, please email her.

Email – linziwalker@yahoo.com

If you would like to be invited to her private online Midlife Divorce Support Group please contact her through Facebook.

Facebook – Linzi Walker

Twitter – Linzi Walker

LinkedIn – Linzi Walker ‘ Coach Linzi’

Website coming soon!


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